As a mentor for Kernel Fellows in KB08 I experienced the true power of the community

As you start mentoring fellows and builders, you see a unique trend. The successful fellows or the builders are the ones who:

  • Time the market
  • Have been persistent and building in the Web3 space for months/years
  • Have built an exciting network within the Web3 ecosystem over time

As few of my community members are Kernel fellows, I speak with them regularly to have a pulse of the ecosystem. Many community members help suggest the guests I should interview for my podcast. Before we disclose the guests we have interviewed, let's understand the power of an educational network in the Web3 space like Kernel0x.

Kernel's peer-to-peer learning environment encourages tekne (technical skill and artistic craft). It selects a group of super-talented community members in a certain cohort and coaches them about the nitty gritty of Web3 project building.

Let me share the journey of my interactions with some Kernel fellows.

(Minting the videos on Lens now)

As I engage with more builders in the venture ecosystem, you will hear about some of the exciting stories in this space.