CabinDAO IRL Supper Meet in Monterrey, Mexico [22nd March, 2024]

Cabin is building a distributed city of beautiful neighbourhoods for nature-loving creators and remote workers. Usually, if you have worked in DAOs, you may have digitally conversed with your DAO friends. Possibly on Discord, Telegram or Console. But have you met your fellow DAO friends in real life? CabinDAO is an excellent example of meeting members over a good meal to discuss network states, creative co-living and innovations in the blockchain ecosystem.

I had interviewed members of the CabinDAO in a few of my earlier episodes.

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Last year, I thought of integrating more with the workings of CabinDAO as my ethos was aligned with their roadmap. CabinDAO's thesis is the following:

To Live in a Community

  1. We are our best selves when we live with people we admire: The last year, I have been changing countries and living in multiple places with my DAO friends. I started with India, then Taiwan and finally Mexico. I have hosted supper meet-ups in Bangalore, Taipei and Monterrey.

At Cabin, you can choose who is around your campfire. We choose to surround ourselves with kind, thoughtful, creative, open-minded, playful, generous people. We are a mix of creators, builders, gatherers, naturalists, entrepreneurs, thinkers, and doers. We are highly motivated, easy-going people who want to do good in the world and have fun doing it. We connect, root for, and learn from one another. We build squad wealth when the whole squad is winning. We help each other set and achieve ambitious goals.

  1. We can find our people online and gather in person

People used to meet in person and then become “friends” on Facebook. But it makes more sense to do the opposite: find values and vibe-aligned friends online and then meet up IRL. At Cabin, we work remotely and live intentionally. It used to be the case that we spent our days with coworkers from the same company, and lived near wherever the office happened to be. Now, we can spend our days surrounded by a community of our choosing, cross-pollinating our work and lives alongside other creative professionals.

Integrate with Nature

  1. Touching grass is good for our wellbeing: At Cabin, we live in places with nature out the front door so that we can easily unplug and spend time touching the grass. Billions of years of evolution have created interconnected systems of emergent beauty. We draw inspiration from nature’s long-time horizons, peaceful tranquillity, cooperative ecosystems, biodiversity, and evolutionary progress.
  1. Regenerative local communities are the best store of value: At Cabin, we believe that the best compounding store of value is a regenerative local community. Our neighbourhoods aim to build housing, grow food, produce energy, regenerate natural resources, develop relationships, and make meaning together. By growing these systems from the ground up, we can create better homes in less time using fewer resources.

Create Together

  1. Creating means doing: At Cabin, we value actions over abstract ideas. We make, test, build, and create things. We practice taking action. We enjoy philosophy, but we value people and processes that make positive tangible changes in the real world.
  1. Co-creation grows culture: Co-creation builds trust among collaborators through transparency and empowerment. At Cabin, we practice co-creation, cooperation, and reciprocity to promote a culture of positive-sum coordination. This culture is co-created at gatherings where we come together to build connections, coherence, practices, traditions, memes, and lore. 

In the coming days, you will find out about a podcast that Salman (another DAOpunk cohort member) has recorded with me.